Every graduate should be life ready!

Life Ready Schools is dedicated to ensuring educators have the tools to make their students life ready.



Producing life ready people

We help schools meet the work ready obligations of their state, while also providing an ecosystem of intervention for them to change undesirable behaviors.  Life Ready Tools allow teachers to cultivate employable traits in their students every day.

Mentoring Matters

We believe that intentional positive relationships are the key to motivating growth. Life Ready Tools guides educators in targeting issues before they become critical and provides tools for treating those issues.


For Teachers, by Teachers

We believe that the most useful tools come from classroom. Life Ready Tools has been created and developed by teachers. We value the input of all of our teachers and contract exclusively with educators to provide support services. Life Ready Tools replaces and enhances many of the processes teachers already do.

School Solutions

Since the beginning of public education, we have been focused on content knowledge. We believe that Life Ready Tools offers a complete solution for addressing the other side of the student profile. Whether you are focused on PBIS, essential skills tracking, MTSS, ESS, or RTI, Life Ready Tools will help you effectively implement effective solutions.



Simple Start
  • Classroom Expectations
  • Recognitions
  • Watch List and Alerts
  • Schoolwide Analytics
$2500 per school
  • All of Simple Start
  • Digital Hall Passes
  • Parent & Student Portals
  • Individual Goal Tracking
$3000 per school
  • All of Essentials
  • Digital Token Economy
  • Referral System
  • Student Badge Generator
$3500 per school

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